Visa Application Bundle Service

by Kach Umandap

Why you should avail our visa application bundle service?

Once we write and then gather all your documents, you’d only have to print it and go to your submission/ appointment schedule since you’d also needed to go for biometrics (photo & fingerprint) unless for Australia visa where we can arrange everything for you online.

Have you ever made a visa application for another country by yourself? If the answer is yes, then you already know just how stressful and time-consuming it can be to get everything right.

Not only having the stress of a face-to-face interview in some cases and the thought of someone you never meet judging you for your worthiness to enter their country, you also have a long list of documents to compile as well as the dreaded Cover Letter, or Application Letter!

Of course, the purpose of all of this is to convince the Consul that you have a genuine reason for visiting their country and that you won’t overstay your visa or try to work there illegally.

Unfortunately, there are many other not-so-honest travellers from all over the world who make it harder for us honest travellers by breaking the rules.

The real problem is that just one silly mistake can see your visa application go straight into the trash, forfeiting your application fee and all the time it took to apply in the process.

Through my 1-to-1 visa consulting I have been able to help dozens of visa applicants from all over the world successfully apply for visas to USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea and more.

Now, I am expanding my visa consulting services to offer a Visa Application Bundle Servicea complete package which allows you the best chance of making a successful visa application.

I will take care of all of the most important aspects of your visa application submission, so the only things you will have to think about are your financial capability and your proof of rootedness.

Kach Umandap -Visa Application Expert

What is included in our visa application bundle service?

When you avail the Visa Application Bundle Service, we will provide you with the following:

  • 20 mins Visa Consulting Call with my team – reviewing your documents, application form and answering all of your questions
  • Personalized Cover Letter explaining your travel history, rootedness (why you have to return to your country) & Financial Capacity aside from the purpose of travel
  • Form Fill up
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Invitation Letter Writing
  • Detailed Daily Itinerary
  • Assistance in Hotel/Apartment Booking Reservation (confirmed under your name unless the trip is sponsored)
  • Round Trip Flight Ticket Reservation
  • List of Required Documents depending on your situation
  • Assistance on How to organize Your Documents, Making Appointments with the Embassy / Visa Center for Biometrics, etc.
  • You can also avail of our package where we will arrange the appointment and fill up your application form.

Extra Fees for:

  1. Additional Flight Reservation – 29 Euro
  2. Travel Insurance – 1.5 Euro per day (average cost + also applicable for Schengen visa application)
  3. Visa Application Fees paid directly to the Embassy
  4. VFS/ VIA visa application center fees (directly paid with them)

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Price Is For One Person. If You Want To Add An Additional Family Member / Friends (Traveling Together) Then The Cost Is An Additional 150 Euros Per Person.

This additional fee includes the hotel booking, round-trip confirmed flight reservation, cover letter for the additional traveller. (This does not include an additional call or extra 1-to-1 coaching.)

What are the important details to know?

The Visa Application Bundle Service COST will depend on the requirements and how many days you’d want to receive all the documents. It will take us up 2 weeks to prepare, process and finalize documents from our side after you send the information and documents required from you.


440 (PhP 26,000 or US$ 540)
  • Form Fill up
  • Visa Appointment Request
  • Visa Coaching
  • Invitation Letter writing + guidance on required supporting documents, Cover Letter Writing, Supporting Documents Assistance (Flight ticket reservation, assistance in hotel/apartment booking reservation, travel itinerary etc)


380 (PhP 22,000 or US$ 450)
  • Form Fill up
  • Visa Appointment Request
  • Visa Coaching
  • Cover Letter Writing, Supporting Documents Assistance (Flight ticket, travel itinerary etc)


for USA Visa
300 (PhP 18,000 or US$ 370)
  • Fill up DS160 Form
  • Visa Appointment Request
  • Interview Practice
  • Supporting Documents Assistance ((Flight ticket, travel itinerary, etc)


Extra person
  • Please choose if you’ll want Bundle A or Bundle B then pay the Additional Person Fee for Group

Excluded: Visa Fees to be paid directly to the Embassy and Visa Processing Fees with VFS/ VIA or any agencies connected with the Embassies, DHL Shipping fees (only if the Embassy is outside the Philippines)

When to make the request?

We highly recommend that your start processing your documents 3 to 4 months prior to your planned travel date. But if you have limited time then I highly suggest you avail our Expedite Service.

What is the process?

Step 1

You request below and pay the fees.

Step 2

Yvette or  Lyza will be coordinating with you and will be sending you a questionnaire form to fill up.

Step 3

 Give us 72 hours/ 3 days to prepare the drafted itinerary, drafted letter and the complete list of supporting documents (bank statement, work documents, proof of rootedness that you’d have to gather). Yvette or Lyza will be contacting you to arrange the details on the form and the dates you’d want to submit your application. You will review before we submit the application.

Step 4

Send all the documents for us to arrange and gather.

Step 5

Visa Consulting Call with Kach to finalize your personalized cover letter, application form and all the supporting documents.

Step 6

Yvette and our team will be sending you a Dropbox / GDrive folder where all your documents will be ready for you to download. You’d only have to print them and submit on your application day. We will do a final call to review your final documents then you’re good to go!

Step 7

Update us when you get the result then we will handle all the cancellation of your reservation so you can make and pay for all of your travel arrangements.

Who is this service for?

This service is for anyone who is about to go through the process of applying for a visa, but does not have the time or the experience to gather all of the correct documents, reservations, hotel bookings and other requirements.

Most of my previous visa coaching clients that I helped are mostly the people below and I think this service is catered to these people:

  • Digital Nomads / Homebased Workers (without ITR)
  • Filipina with Foreign Partners (to explain the relationship & sponsorship documents)
  • Business Executive – (who don’t have time to gather documents 7 going on business trips)
  • First Time Visa Applicant
  • Filipinos working abroad (with limited day off to gather documents)
  • Family and Group of Friends (who wants an organized itinerary)

The Visa Application Bundle will also take you through the application process and how to present yourself and your case during the 1-to-1, 20 minute visa call with Kach.

If you are planning to apply for any kind of visa, then this service is for you!

Note: I don’t guarantee visa approval because this will depend on the consul which is usually based on your rootedness and financial capacity . What I guarantee is that you’ll have a confirmed and verifiable itinerary aside from having a very detailed cover letter that will help your application.

In 5 years of my visa coaching service, 80% of clients got their VISA APPROVED. You can read the testimonials, here.

Read some testimonials from our previous clients

Step by step guide on how to make an appointment:

Step One: Fill up the request form below and pay the fees

Send the payment confirmation to and CC me

Step Two: Wait for our Team's Email

She will review your request then coordinate Thru Whatsapp or FB Messenger. We will ask you to fill up our questionnaire so we can start processing your documents.

Step Three: Visa Consulting call with Kach

After we send you the draft of the required documents, we will arrange a 20 mins call with Kach Howe to review your requirements, application form etc.

Step Four: Review all the gathered documents then submit

You only need to print, review then submit. We will be able to change your itinerary details up to 2 times for FREE.

Step 1: Fill up the request form below. Don’t forget to click submit!

This is just the initial form. Yvette or any of my team members will be coordinating with you after your request and will be sending you a questionnaire to prepare your personalized cover letter + travel itinerary.

Option 1: Pay via Paypal or Credit/ debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX)

If you’ll pay online, you’ll have to pay the $2 bank fees

Option 2: Bank transfer (Philippines, Euro, USD or UK) & Western Union / money transfer


Account Name: Katrina U Howe

Account #: 004330385417


Account Name: Katrina Medina Umandap
Account #: 9789604573


For details, email me at

A refund can be given before consultation services have begun. There are no refunds once we have commenced our consultation service. Any bank/transaction fees incurred by us will be deducted from any refund.

There is ABSOLUTELY no risk. From the booking to the cancellation, we take charge of everything.

YES! It is a legitimate flight reservation and hotel booking confirmation so it is recognized worldwide.

Yes. We can book flights from several airlines in ALL countries across the globe.

We suggest you request our Bundle service 2 to 3 months before your travel dates. We can also do it within a month but only when you avail the expedite service.

You’ll receive it within 24 hours from the time of payment.

We get it ONLY from our partner travel agency who book legitimate tickets from accredited airlines. You will get the name of the company after you pay the fees.

It’s only €28 EURO ($30 USD or Php 1,500) per person! 🙂 If you’ll pay online, you’ll have to pay the $2 bank fees.

No. You only pay the Reservation Fees stated above. After the time of the hold period, it will be automatically canceled for FREE.

Yes. Booking the flight and hotels on your own takes a lot of time researching for book now and pay later options. It involves a risk too such as forgetting to cancel the reservation and paying the price in full.

Don’t worry, you can change it up to 3 times within 3 days – the airport, dates, and the spelling of your name.

Not changing the name from one person to another! (Don’t be too cheeky!)

Sure! Just indicate their personal details on the Flight Reservation Form.

Definitely! We book flights worldwide.

My team is available 24/7 to attend to your concerns but I’m personally based in Montenegro. That’s including holidays and weekends 🙂

We have a money back guarantee! If you don’t get your reservation within 24-hours you will definitely get your money back. And when you pay using PayPal, it’s guaranteed that you will be under Paypal Buyer Protection if you don’t get the reservation.

You can pay using your Paypal account, Amex, Visa, and Mastercard.

Sorry, but NO, this takes a lot of work to do. We only charge 150 Euro for additional person rather than full fee.

Sorry, but NO, this is already cheap. Haha!

Yes, you can do that directly with them or you can also contact me to help you look for cheap deals online!

Okay, then book it with them! This service is only for people who don’t know ANY travel agencies who are willing to do this kind of service.

To avoid Human Trafficking, Filipinos are usually asked to show their return flight. I understand the need for it because we are vulnerable to illegal work recruitment. As much as I’d want to help, our partner travel agency doesn’t want to be involved in a situation like this.

Our $30 fee is for a one-way or roundtrip flight ticket only, if it’s different destinations then you’ll be charged per leg of the trip.

Why you should avail our visa application bundle service?

I am Kach Medina Umandap, a Proud Pinay traveler. I also went through the same hassle and nightmares like you especially when I was a newbie traveler. I was always anxious about getting a visa and passing through Immigration Officers (I know that exact feeling). It is absurd and I don’t want anyone to feel this way anymore, so I’m here to help! 🙂 You can read my personal visa application experiences on the blog or here.

I already visited over 143 countries across the 7 continents– all with my Philippines Passport. I personally have 10 years USA visa, 10 years UK visa (and two 6 months visa), 4 different Schengen visa, 9 years Canada visa, 5 years Japan and previously held a 2 years Australia visa among others.

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I’ve started as a backpacker in May 2013, started blogging about my trips since October 2014 and I am one of the founders of Two Monkeys Travel Group. I have gone through so many tedious visa processes and passed hundreds of Immigration Officers all over the world since then. I try to help other people by writing about Tourist Visa Processes Guide for countries such as USA, Schengen, East Africa, Canada, Croatia, South Africa, South Korea, Japan, Australia and a whole lot more! I also write about Travel Guides for countries like Cuba and our visit to the last continent of Antarctica. (I basically write about anything that could be helpful for travelers like me and other campaigns from our travel sponsors! hehe!)

I already helped A LOT of people with their visa requirements with my Mentoring and Coaching Services and I’m proud to say that almost all of them got their visas approved! YAY!! I also do this mentoring and coaching for those want to learn about Sustainable Travel Lifestyle, Travel Blogging, Long-Term Traveling, Visa Coaching and my expertise is training new travelers or visa applicants to pass the USA Consulate Visa Interview and writing the best cover letters for your visa application etc.

Our little brown booklet which shows our identity and nationality may be considered weak but I’m a proof that it’s not impossible to be able to travel the world with it! Dreams do come true and I’m here to help you turn these dreams into reality!! ♡

Sample of included documents & Proof of my approved visa throughout the years of travel blogging & visa coaching.

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